The chair in African philanthropy: Interview with Bhekinkosi Moyo

Alliance magazine

As part of this special feature on teaching and research in philanthropy, Charles Keidan talks to Bhekinkosi Moyo of the Southern Africa Trust about the development of the first chair in African philanthropy at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa: about the reasons for establishing it, what it will offer – and the obstacles along the way.

What is the background to the chair in African philanthropy?

There was a consensus among the African Grantmaker's Network (AGN), which is now the Africa Philanthropy Network, and indeed from all those interested in African philanthropy, that one of our most immediate needs was to generate as much knowledge as possible on African philanthropy that was also as rigorous as possible. Compared to other regions, Africa was lagging behind. It’s about 15 years since those conversations started, so it’s been a long process.

Did the impetus come only from practitioners or were the universities interested, too?

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