Philanthropic solidarity: now more than ever

Jason Franklin

The last year has seen a rising wave of threats to democracy, to our environment, and to marginalized communities around the world. Here in the US, an electoral shift has given rise to a threatening trend of attacks on the most marginalized – from deportation campaigns to increased state surveillance, Islamophobic migration bans to police violence.

However, in the face of these threats we are also witnessing some of the most powerful organizing and widespread mobilization in American history. The Women’s March mobilized more Americans on a single day for protest than ever before, new organizing groups and strategies are rapidly emerging, and long-time leading justice organizations are being revitalized with increased donations and volunteers to fight for justice.

Solidarity in philanthropy is a call to those with privilege to acknowledge the threats to those who are most marginalized in our society and to stand behind and with them as they fight for justice, to offer our resources and our voices in support of their leadership and mobilization.

When Solidaire launched three and a half years ago, our goal was to help advance the fight for justice by standing (and funding) in solidarity with a rising wave of social justice movements across the US and globally.

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