Time for climate and sustainability coherence

María-Laura Rojas

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that global problems need comprehensive solutions

The current pandemic has laid bare the fact that Latin American philanthropy can no longer ignore the need to concert its grantmaking and investment of its assets. The outbreak has crunched several pressing challenges and questions around development, highlighting the extent to which we all need to cooperate in order to solve global issues. Siloed action is no longer enough to achieve common goods.

From localised assistance to global concert

Historically, local philanthropy in Latin America has focused its grantmaking on pressing social issues such as poverty alleviation and access to basic services like health and education. Environmental issues are not yet widely championed and systemic views on the interrelation between social and environmental goals and dynamics are lacking. It is impossible to address local needs in a durable way without incorporating the understanding of how they relate to global challenges, including climate change. To effectively address these, collective efforts are required and that includes massive mobilisation of resources.

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