Help! How can I get philanthropists to notice my organisation?


Dear Regi,

How can one increase awareness of an organisation amongst wealth managers and philanthropists? If they are looking to fund organisations or programmes related to our area of focus, how can we make sure that funders at a minimum know that we exist and hopefully that we can support their goals?


Dear Bashful,

Modesty will get you nowhere.

Please sing the following to the Chorus of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

50 Ways to Be Seen By Another

Link it in, Jim
Post the most, Joost
Make a blog, Bob
Print the problem, Robin
Join the panel, Manuel
Share your stuff, McDuff
Curate a donor list, Sief
Get yourself followed, Olive
Update your site, Dwight
Don’t forget to Tweet, Skeet
Hit up that event, Brent (but only when possible to do so given local safety guidelines)
There are 50 ways to be seen by another…


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