Open your black books

Juliet Valdinger

It excites me no end when I see what can be achieved without a personal agenda.

When Charles Keidan mentioned in passing that the September 2018 edition of Alliance would look in-depth at Muslim philanthropy, I commented that I could introduce him to Yunus Sola and Tariq Cheema, who were in mid-flow setting up the Global Donors Forum – the biennial gathering of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists which was taking place in the same month. To see Yunus and Tariq become guest editors of an important special feature, ‘Muslim philanthropy at the crossroads’, and then read analysis of the topic from around the world and follow-on letters continuing the debate, well, it really shows how a casual introduction can make a difference.

So, with that in mind, I invite everyone to open and share your black book of contacts, even when you see no way that it will directly benefit you. A thoughtful introduction will either be reciprocated or you can rest assured that something positive can happen!

Juliet Valdinger
Philanthropy consultant

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