European Foundation Centre: No refuge from the migrant crisis

Foundations have, after all, been working on migration, integration and diversity for a long time (and indeed on crisis response), even if the majority favour a medium/long-term approach. Areas of work range from supporting organizations at community level to tackling deeper issues around the crisis, from advocacy for a better European asylum system (through EPIM – European Programme for Integration and Migration) to measures around integration of newcomers.

The results of the survey helped shape the debate during our annual autumnal event on 10 November: EuroPhilantopics. At the heart of the current crisis is the inability to place and receive trust between states, state and citizen, and people and communities, built up over many years. EuroPhilantopics discussed with key policymakers the vital role trust could play in building a more resilient Europe that is better equipped to deal with crises as they unfold.



Migration was a major part of the European Foundation Centre’s autumn agenda last year and the issue, unlike many of its protagonists, is not going anywhere. As the spotlight has been put on the EU’s (in)ability to deal with the crisis, the EFC’s reaction has been two-fold. Initially, in conjunction with Alliance, we surveyed the foundation sector to find out what they have been doing in response to the situation to ascertain what specific role foundations feel they have to play.

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