A new publication written by EVPA’s research director Lisa Hehenberger and research manager Priscilla Boiardi, A Practical Guide to Planning and Executing an Impactful Exit, gathers practitioners’ experiences and provides a framework and recommendations for planning and managing successful exits.

capture-20141119-121731Drawing on ten years’ practice, and using case studies and other practitioner experiences, the guide makes knowledge and best practice on exits available for practitioners so that they may learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

The guide is divided into five clear steps: determining key exit considerations (with the investment strategy as a starting point), developing an exit plan, determining exit readiness, executing an exit plan, and post-investment follow-up.

The guide explores many of the issues that practitioners working in the field of venture philanthropy (VP), social investors (SI) and social purpose organizations face when planning and executing an exit. This holistic approach to exits goes beyond the parallel tracks in venture capital to explore the impact of different financing instruments on the exit strategy and the sustainability of the social impact.

EVPA is focused on increasing the effectiveness of VP/SI practitioners in Europe, so the research should go a long way to spreading the knowledge required to ensure better and more effective exits.

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