EVPA: New workshops on impact measurement and management 

When EVPA developed its first guide on Impact measurement and management in 2011, it noticed that the problem was not the lack of information, but rather the absence of guidance on how to make sense of the large number of approaches and methodologies on how to measure and manage impact.

Five years after the launch of the guide, EVPA has now developed a complete approach on how to implement a strategy that helps investors and investees in maximising the societal impact they want to generate.

Today, EVPA, in collaboration with Social Value International (SVI), is organising a series of workshops on impact management, to illustrate the practical application of EVPA’s impact measurement research.

The workshops are especially relevant for venture philanthropy and social investment funders and investors who are considering improving their impact management strategy or who are interested in getting a better understanding of impact measurement and management challenges. In particular:

  • Impact management workshop: the fundamentals will introduce the basics of social impact measurement and present main definitions, work on the theory of change and impact management process.
  • Impact management workshop: advanced training is designed for practitioners in the field of impact assessment, or with an understanding of the basics of impact measurement, and will dig deeper into more advanced issues linked to impact measurement, such as portfolio management and stakeholders’ involvement.

By taking these courses, an organization can work more effectively towards achieving societal impact. The most important aspect of impact measurement is not the actual value or numbers obtained from the exercise, but the integration of an impact approach in the organization, so that impact becomes an intrinsic part of the entire management or investment process.

For more information evpa.eu.com.

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