Social Investment Forum launched in Kenya

On 15 March, the Kenya Social Investment Forum (KSIF) was launched in Nairobi. The Forum began as an informal group of individuals and organizations interested in supporting the strategic development of social investment in Kenya. From inception, it emphasized the understanding that social investment should be structured in a way that leads to both social and financial returns.

The launch was attended by over 50 participants drawn from government, the corporate sector and local as well as international NGOs. The event served as a means to publicize the idea of the Social Investment Forum, stimulate discussion around how social investment in Kenya should be structured, and establish a steering committee to set the agenda for the Forum and drive its work.

The Forum launch was organized by Allavida and Ashbu Securities, and sponsored by Allavida, Kestrel Capital, Stanbic Bank, African Alliance and the National Housing Corporation (Kenya).

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New legislation hostile to Ugandan NGOs

Despite continuing opposition from the NGO community, the Ugandan Parliament passed the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Registration Amendment Bill 2001 in April, requiring NGOs and evangelical churches to renew their registration permits annually. The Bill gives the NGO board powers to register or deny registration to NGOs opposed to government policy or whose activities are not in the ‘public interest’. Parliament also approved a controversial clause that gives security agencies representation on the NGO board.
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