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Halima Mahomed

Special feature 1 Halima Mahomed, Graciela Hopstein and Romy Krämer 2 June 2020

Entering the funding arena

Social movements have rarely featured in funders’ theories of change or strategies. This is slowly changing and international interest in movements is rising Friday’s for Future, NiUnaMenos, Lucha, #BlackLivesMatter, the uprisings in Chile and HongKong, …

Special feature 1 Halima Mahomed and Theo Sowa 2 June 2020 For Subscribers

Peer dialogue: Achieving solidarity needs a brave strategy

Guest editor, Halima Mahomed talks to Theo Sowa, CEO of the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) about how funders can support social movements Halima Mahomed: Most institutional philanthropy goes to particular types of institutionalised civic …

Opinion 2 Romy Krämer, Graciela Hopstein and Halima Mahomed 26 March 2020

Social movements in times of pandemic: the moment for philanthropy has arrived

The global Corona pandemic might very well be the biggest crisis of our lifetime. The current situation has the potential to not only disrupt the status quo but to change our social, economic and political …

Analysis 1 Halima Mahomed 8 January 2019

Funding African movements? Philanthropic revolutions needed first.

#Occupy; #BlackLivesMatter, #TimesUp – hands up if you are familiar with these movements. Le Balai Citoyen, Lucha, Y’en a Marre or Abahlali baseMjondolo. How many have heard of these? What about the Calama Revolution or …

Analysis 2 Halima Mahomed 14 November 2017

Global corporations avoid millions in tax – and philanthropy benefits!

Johannesburg, South Africa What do a British-based minerals company, French-based energy company, Dutch-based homeware company and Belgian-based beverage company have in common? First, they are multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in Africa who have been implicated …

Special feature Halima Mahomed 6 September 2016

Big philanthropy and policy change in Africa

‘Africa is not a country’ goes the popular saying, and broad generalizations about the continent – including the philanthropy of its wealthy – are extremely tricky. Discussions about the power of African philanthropy in relation …