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Halima Mahomed

Analysis 1 Halima Mahomed 8 January 2019

Funding African movements? Philanthropic revolutions needed first.

#Occupy; #BlackLivesMatter, #TimesUp – hands up if you are familiar with these movements. Le Balai Citoyen, Lucha, Y’en a Marre or Abahlali baseMjondolo. How many have heard of these? What about the Calama Revolution or …

Analysis 2 Halima Mahomed 14 November 2017

Global corporations avoid millions in tax – and philanthropy benefits!

Johannesburg, South Africa What do a British-based minerals company, French-based energy company, Dutch-based homeware company and Belgian-based beverage company have in common? First, they are multinational corporations (MNCs) operating in Africa who have been implicated …

Special feature Halima Mahomed 6 September 2016

Big philanthropy and policy change in Africa

‘Africa is not a country’ goes the popular saying, and broad generalizations about the continent – including the philanthropy of its wealthy – are extremely tricky. Discussions about the power of African philanthropy in relation …