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Romy Krämer

Special feature Erin Ganju, Romy Krämer, Michael Alberg-Seberich and Kavita Ramdas 7 March 2023 For Subscribers

Peer Dialogue: ‘Walking the talk of transformation’

Don’t just state your values – live them. Romy Krämer of the Guerrilla Foundation and Kavita Ramdas, independent philanthropy adviser and founder of KNR Sisters Consulting who also has long experience of institutional philanthropy, discuss …

Special feature Romy Krämer and Stefan Diefenbach-Trommer 2 March 2021 For Subscribers

Model aircraft, yes – social justice, no

The interpretation of an antiquated law on charitable status is threatening politically active civil society organisations in Germany In February 2019, the German Supreme Tax Court issued a judgment with far-reaching consequences. It ruled that …

Special feature 1 Halima Mahomed, Graciela Hopstein and Romy Krämer 2 June 2020

Entering the funding arena

Social movements have rarely featured in funders’ theories of change or strategies. This is slowly changing and international interest in movements is rising Friday’s for Future, NiUnaMenos, Lucha, #BlackLivesMatter, the uprisings in Chile and HongKong, …

Opinion 2 Romy Krämer, Graciela Hopstein and Halima Mahomed 26 March 2020

Social movements in times of pandemic: the moment for philanthropy has arrived

The global Corona pandemic might very well be the biggest crisis of our lifetime. The current situation has the potential to not only disrupt the status quo but to change our social, economic and political …