Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2014-0295/Haidar
catalogue number: NYHQ2014-0295
Country: Lebanon
Year: 2014
Photographer: Ramzi Haidar.
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Interview with Nancy Wilson

1 October 2015
Paula Park

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Interview with Muhammad Yunus

Children in Abyan,
Yemen watch
women bringing
water from a well,
built through
donations of
external funds
and citizen
feature 1 September 2015

Arab philanthropy: from social giving to social change?

Eliminating poverty and creating safe cities are among the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at improving the lives of people like those living in the Kibera suburb of Nairobi.
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Making philanthropy count post-2015

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Toward a new gospel of wealth

6 October 2015
Darren Walker

This post originally appeared on the Ford Foundation’s blog.The original article can be found here> As I begin my third year at the Ford Foundation’s helm, I am reminded of how …

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

5 October 2015
Michael Schaefer and Joseph Semboja

There is good reason to be proud and optimistic since the UN member countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this September. The SDGs are the result of tough political …

Olga Prize finalists Adım Adım take it one ‘step’ further

1 October 2015
Filiz Bikmen

In 2014, founders of Adım Adım (Step by Step) Itir Erhart and Renay Onur were selected as finalists for the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize. As per the criteria for the …

The Marculesti institution for children in Moldova. It was closed in 2012, and most of the children were reunited with their families. © Lumos

Why influencing other funding is the best way to achieve your mission

opinion Georgette Mulheir 1 September 2015

Today huge sums of money go to funding orphanages rather than supporting children in the community – in the belief that this is the best way to meet the needs …

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Interview with Hilary Pennington

interview Caroline Hartnell 1 September 2015

There are changes afoot at the Ford Foundation with a new philanthropy programme. Darren Walker, Ford Foundation president, announced a new focus on inequality and a commitment to provide more …

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Interview with Sergio Urbani of the Cariplo Foundation

interview Caroline Hartnell 1 July 2015

The untimely death of Pier Mario Vello has brought Sergio Urbani to the head of Italy’s Cariplo Foundation. While he has no intention of trying to fill the very considerable …