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Fundraising from new age philanthropists

27 April 2017
India Development Review

A new breed of philanthropists is emerging – do you have what it takes to engage with them successfully? Here’s a four-step guide to help you fundraise effectively from these up-and-coming donors. Noun: A new breed of funders passionate about solving social problems and keen to bring their business acumen, skills and funds to high impact non-profit organisations. Characteristics: ambitious, curious, a problem-solver and likely to be personally involved in their philanthropy. In the pursuit …

News pledges $50 million to fill education gaps

26 April 2017
Alliance magazine recently pledged $50 million to education nonprofits over the next two years to develop technology that will improve education in developing countries. According to Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink,’s education lead, 130 million primary school students around the world are not mastering basic math and reading skills, while 221 million are being taught in a language foreign to them. This is due to under resourced teachers, lack of access to materials, and barriers that inhibit …

Conference reports

Dasra Philanthropy Week 2017

25 April 2017
Alliance magazine

This year’s Dasra Philanthropy Week took place from 27th February – 4th March, and brought together over 400 leading development practitioners, experienced …


Arab Giving Survey reveals rising demand for transparency in charities

24 April 2017
Alliance magazine

The 2016 Arab Giving Survey has revealed the generosity of the region but also a rising wariness of the lack …


From Alpha to Omega: Choices and challenges of limited life philanthropy

21 April 2017
Joanne Florino

With the support of the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The Center for Effective Philanthropy‘s new research report on limited life …