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Agribusiness in East Africa: Innovative Social Enterprises

20 January 2017

Social entrepreneurs are improving rural employment, empowering communities, and tackling various constraints in the food value chain. The concept of social entrepreneurship, the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems, is gaining traction in East Africa and particularly in agriculture. Poor farming practices, inefficient processing, storage and supply chain infrastructure leads to wastage, distorts pricing and supply. For the social entrepreneur such challenges in the food value chain provide business opportunities. …


The Summit: weaving a new, multi-coloured fabric for development

18 January 2017
Jenny Hodgson

It’s hard to believe that six weeks have passed since almost 400 of us from over 60 countries gathered in Johannesburg – in the heat of the South African summer – for the Global Summit on Community Philanthropy. At the Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) we are still digesting what came out of the Summit and how we can build the momentum it created, but we are also eager to hear from you. You’ll …


Bond report offers new insight to development funders

12 January 2017
Kathryn Murrell

A new report published by international development charity Bond offers insights from key players within the British philanthropic space working on …


Council on Foundations announce the 2017 Career Pathways participants

11 January 2017
Alliance magazine

The Council on Foundations has announced the 24 philanthropic leaders who will participate in its fourth Career Pathways Programme. The …


Did you know Russia is in the South? (The Global South, that is…)

11 January 2017
Maria Chertok

I am so excited that finally someone nailed this Global South expression! I always do my best to avoid using …