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Small, locally-focused but willing to work together: new picture of Colombian foundations

21 June 2018
Andrew Milner and Charles Keidan

The Colombian foundation sector is relatively young, operates its own programmes, and is overwhelmingly focussed on young people and education. These are some of the most striking findings of a new study of the sector produced by Asociación de Fundaciónes Familiares y Empresariales (AFE), the umbrella body for Colombian institutional philanthropy. Based on a survey of 100 foundations Foundations in Colombia: Characteristics, trends, and challenges is the most comprehensive study of philanthropy in Colombia to …


Impact investments are philanthropy’s brave new world

20 June 2018
Susanne Dahl

The synchronisation of asset portfolios and donations within a joint mission is the way forward if philanthropic foundations and funds are to maximise their impact and value. That’s the view of impact-investment organisation GIIN. But what is needed to achieve this brave new world? When foundations develop new strategies, they are often designed with sharp divisions between the plans for philanthropic donations on the one hand and the foundation’s investment work on the other. It …


Total giving in US up in 2017 but proportion of GDP stays at two per cent

19 June 2018
Alliance magazine

Annual total giving in 2017 is up by an inflation-adjusted three per cent to a record $410 billion, although contributions …


Asian SPOs need continuum of capital, not support in silos, says AVPN

18 June 2018
Alliance magazine

If they are to succeed, social purpose organisations (SPOs) in Asia need different forms of support at different stages of …

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Mobilising social finance for climate action in Asia

17 June 2018
David Venn

Asia is particularly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. A confluence of man-made factors ranging from industrial agriculture practices …


Revisiting philanthropy in Russia

16 June 2018
Ross Maclaren

I come to PSJP’s working paper on Philanthropy in Russia two and a half years removed from direct engagement in the Russian …


NoVo Foundation announces $34 million Radical Hope Fund

15 June 2018
Alliance magazine

The NoVo Foundation has announced $34 million—up from $20 million committed originally—in Radical Hope Fund grants to 19 organisations from …


Governance changes at the EFC following 2018 Annual General Assembly

14 June 2018
Alliance magazine

The Annual General Assembly of Members took place on Thursday 31 May in Brussels as part of the 29th EFC …


Make social impact bonds tradeable

13 June 2018
Ronnie Horesh

It’s now thirty years since I first floated the idea Social Policy Bonds at a meeting of the Australian Agricultural …

Conference reports

Never underestimate the power of muppets

12 June 2018
Andrew Milner

‘Don’t you look nice! Did you get any breakfast this morning?’ The answer was yes and we chorused it with …


An interview with Charles Keidan of Alliance magazine

11 June 2018

Alliance magazine Editor Charles Keidan is interviewed by WINGS to discuss the special feature on philanthropy infrastructure in June 2018 …