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Building the home for systemic change philanthropy

22 July 2016
Edge Funders and Tobias Troll

While sports-loving Europe was fixed on Paris because of the finals of the EuroCup, the European members of the EDGE Funders Alliance (‘Engaged Donors for Global Equity’) gathered not far from the French capital to discuss how philanthropy can advance just transitions to a fair and sustainable global society. The meeting marked a historic moment in the work of EDGE, since it was the first formal meeting of the EDGE Europe group one year after …


From rhetoric to reality – How do we move beyond intentions when it comes to funding local CSOs directly?

22 July 2016
Rose Longhurst

Why do donors who support international causes fail to directly fund local civil society organisations, despite championing the benefits of funding locally-led solutions? In June, Bond convened a group of more than 50 donors and representatives of civil society to consider why more progress has not been made in the area of direct funding to so-called ‘Southern’ CSOs. Despite the efficacy and legitimacy of local actors, the numbers paint a stark picture: Less than 1% …


New Beginings fund awards £500,000 to refugee groups

21 July 2016
Ayesha Saran and Alex Sutton

In September 2015, a group of UK-based foundations and NGOs met at the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to discuss responses to …


The state of Arab philanthropy and the case for change

20 July 2016
Naila Farouky

The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) has spent the past two years studying the landscape in which the forum functions. AFF, …


How to help grantees weather the storm ahead

18 July 2016
Oliver Carrington

As a former grants manager I empathise with all those in the philanthropy sector who feel a sense of responsibility …