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Morals matter: What’s to learn from nonprofit research?

16 October 2017
Tracey Coule

‘The real issue is about moral compasses in leadership.’ This was the statement made by Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations in the UK, on leadership development in civil society organizations (CSOs) last month. He suggested that many of the biggest challenges that leaders face, now more than ever, are not technical matters but ethical ones and candidly questioned the extent to which leadership development equipped people to make difficult …


What does it mean to be a resilient funder – and why does it matter more than ever?

13 October 2017
Global Greengrants Fund

In January 2017, the Chinese government began requiring all not for profit foreign organizations, including foundations, to register in order to continue to operate in the country. Funders have responded by registering, leaving, or muddling through, waiting to see how the situation plays out. Heavy-handed Chinese government? Perhaps. But China is not alone on this. Over the last two decades, dozens of countries around the world, of every political stripe, have slowly been squeezing the …


India’s children deserve a solid foundation

12 October 2017
Vikram Jain and Sana Kazi

India has made remarkable progress towards universalizing primary education, but learning outcomes are poor. Current efforts to address poor learning …


The importance of partnerships to bridge disconnects within India’s education system

11 October 2017
Elizabeth Mehta

Before founding Muktangan, I had spent 35 years working in diverse roles in education across India, and had identified many …

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The Russia Community Foundation Phenomenon

10 October 2017
Amy McGoldrick

Community foundations now number 170 organisations in 60 countries. This number is continuously growing – and in Russia it’s no …