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Five insights for funders to amplify agroecology

21 November 2017
Rucha Chitnis

‘Agroecology is the mainstream food system in West Africa. It is about working with nature, and this is the natural way people have lived for centuries’, shared Bern Guri, a Ghanaian sustainable agriculture advocate at a convening of grantee partners of the Agroecology Fund in Uganda last year. At the grantee convening, land and food advocacy groups, like GRAIN and the Oakland Institute, asserted that industrial agriculture has stripped away biodiversity, eroded environmental and community health, …


Coutts publish 10-year anniversary Million Pound Donors Report

20 November 2017
Lenka Setkova

A total of nearly £15 billion pounds has been donated in the UK by individuals, foundations and corporations over the past 10 years, according to the latest Coutts Million Pound Donors Report. 2016 also saw the highest total value given (£1.83 billion) since the report began. Tracking the number, size, source and destination of donations of £1 million pounds or more, the report analyses key trends in major philanthropy over the past decade, showing there …

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The need for guiding lights

20 November 2017
Michael Alberg-Seberich

Oslo is a beautiful, welcoming but also a bit dim city at this time of the year. The shrinking amount …

Conference reports

Arming for justice: charge to philanthropy

17 November 2017
Melanie R. Brown

Early into his address at the London School of Economics, Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, posed a question …

Conference reports

British foundations have come of age

16 November 2017
Charles Keidan

Around 400 people gathered at the British Medical Association’s headquarters in North London last week for the annual conference of …