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Five powerful ways to #ShiftThePower in disaster recovery

22 July 2018
Eleanor Harrison

Sometimes, a publication comes along that so closely mirrors your day-to-day experience that you must pause for praise. This is how I feel about How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power. I encourage anyone interested or involved in disaster recovery funding to read the paper—because there are hard truths to face. Studies show that less than 2 per cent of humanitarian funding typically reaches local nonprofits, and half of all funding channeled to international nonprofits ends up …

Human-centered design in social innovation

21 July 2018
Marica Rizzo

Human-centered design alone won’t change the world, but as a tool it increases the likelihood of designing impactful solutions by putting the person who will gain most at the heart of the innovation process. The +Acumen course on Human-Centered Design, developed in partnership with, has had over 197,000 course signups from participants from around the world since it opened in 2013. In one case, the U.S. Department of Labor used this free course to …


Community philanthropy initiative launched in Palestine

20 July 2018
Andrew Milner

Rawa, a philanthropic fund rooted in participatory community decision-making, has been launched in Palestine to promote community development and the …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: Time to Inscape

19 July 2018
Nina Sachdev

I wore my Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt on the plane to Boston. On purpose. Because I had to. I wasn’t trying …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: What is philanthropy bringing to the table?

18 July 2018
Sarah Brown-Campello

What are you doing to lift up social justice issues in your work? Who best to hear about addressing root …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: The savior complex in a complex society

18 July 2018
Nikki Powell

When I hear a keynote speaker quote Marcus Aurelius, I kind of roll my eyes a little. But when they …


The Future of Philanthropy part one: Power, Knowledge and Trust

18 July 2018
James Alexander

No one can predict the future, but we can all become better informed about it. Doing so enables us to …

Conference reports

Forum Annual Conference 2018: Deities & Demons

17 July 2018
Sean Parnell

Before I try to share my thoughts on the presentation by artist Titus Kaphar, I should probably disclose that my …


Where are all the lived-experience leaders in grant making?

16 July 2018
Selina Nwulu

It may not come as a surprise to hear that the foundation sector needs to diversify. For those of us …


UPS Foundation award over $10 million in grants to advance diversity and inclusion around the world

15 July 2018
Alliance magazine

The UPS Foundation announced it will award over $10 million in grants to advance diversity and inclusion programmes this year. …


Arab philanthropy is held back by caution and a lack of vision

14 July 2018
Barbara Ibrahim

I read Nora Murad’s provocative response to Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace’s (PSJP’s) report on philanthropy in the Arab world during the month …