Coverage of the 27th EFC Conference: Imagining and investing in our future

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Alliance magazine is proud to have been a media partner at this year’s European Foundation Centre conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We provided coverage of the event from:

Jen Bokoff, Foundation Center
Valia Fragkou, TIMA Foundation
Dharmendra Kanani, Consultant
Charles Keidan, Alliance magazine
Kalle Korhonen, Kone Foundation
Thomas Legge, European Climate Foundation
Wendy Richardson, Global Fund for Community Foundations
Nattalie Ross, Council on Foundations
Laura Sahamies, Kone Foundation
Tobias Troll, Edge Funders Alliance

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Alliance readers poll winner

Before the conference we asked you which session you would most like covered. The winner was ‘Philanthropy Engaged – implementing the sustainable development goals.’ Natalie Ross went along:

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Our New Global Language: The SDGs in Europe and Around the World
It’s clear that philanthropy has the potential to engage in implementation of the SDGs. The SDG Philanthropy Platform was established as a global network for philanthropy supporting the goals. And this week, data analysis by the Foundation Center showed conservative estimates that philanthropy will invest $364 Billion in the SDGs by 2030.

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News from the conference


European philanthropy urged to ‘shift the paradigm’ in support for refugees
European philanthropy has issued an urgent call for foundations, civil society and government to provide more strategic support for refugees and migrants. Katherine Watson, chief executive of the European Cultural Foundation, read out the call to action at the closing plenary of the European Foundation Centre conference in Amsterdam attended by 700 representatives from across Europe.

Charles Keidan reports>

What’s gender got to do with it?


Preaching to the choir
There was a good turnout at the ‘What’s gender got to do with it?’ session on Friday morning. I think I counted more than 65 participants in the room at one point. But allow me to put a gender lens on this: less than ten of these participants were men(nine to be exact), meaning more than 90 per cent of us were female. This would make sense, if there was the same ratio of female participation amongst all AGA delegates. But I don’t think that’s the case.

Wendy Richardson reports>

To divest or not to divest – what is the question?


Breaking the iron curtain between investing and grant-making
Private companies have the purpose to make money. Civil society organisations want to do good. Foundations need to do both – make money through investing their endowment, and contribute to social change, based on their values and mission.

Tobias Troll reports>

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