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Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde

Opinion Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde 16 June 2022

The UKs new International Development Strategy misses the philanthropy mark

The UK has a proud history as a world leader in international development, and aid support has both saved and changed lives around the world. The Government’s new International Development Strategy (IDS) sets out the …

Opinion Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde 16 December 2021

How can philanthropy build more bridges between the UK and Europe

After many years of political wrangling, the UK has finally left the European Union. We are now in the middle of establishing a new relationship with European states. Central to this will be the new …

Analysis Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde 23 December 2020

Governments cannot squander lessons of Covid-19 in working with civil society

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed many flaws in government policies and relationships around the world, from the underfunding of health services to public mistrust of official advice. But in our sector, one of the most …

Opinion Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde 12 October 2020

Growing local giving in emerging economies: Uganda and Tanzania

Communities rally around local responses to COVID-19 as economic futures are uncertain. CAF is exploring charitable giving in Uganda and Tanzania with the release of two ground-breaking reports, the latest in a series conducted in …

Conference reports Daniel Ferrell-Schweppenstedde and Cleodie Rickard 18 December 2019

What can we learn from a feminist approach to philanthropy?

Funding movements and shifting power to the global south A recent Alliance magazine event on feminist philanthropy saw an excellent panel discuss a broad range of fascinating questions, such as: What is feminist philanthropy? How …