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Fozia Irfan

Opinion 1 Fozia Irfan 11 June 2020

In unprecedented crisis, funders aren’t reaching BAME communities

We are three months into the most challenging situation to ever face philanthropy and the not for profit sector in the UK, and yet astonishingly very few funds seem to have actually reached BAME communities …

Conference reports 1 Fozia Irfan 16 September 2019

Are community foundations relevant?

Working in philanthropy requires continuous review, reassessment and reevaluation. The UK Community Foundation conference being held in Glasgow, provides an opportunity for community foundations to do exactly that and to challenge our assumptions. As the …

Conference reports James Fitzpatrick, Melanie Griffiths and Fozia Irfan 29 November 2018

Values in trusts and foundations

A few weeks on, we’ve been reflecting on the issues raised in the session on trust and foundation values that we ran at the ACF 2018 annual conference. Thirty-five people signed up for our session …

Conference reports Fozia Irfan 15 September 2018

Global Donors Forum 2018: The future of Muslim philanthropy

As a newcomer to the world of Muslim philanthropy, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the Global Donors Forum, held last week in London. I admit that I may have some insider knowledge …