‘The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors: Generating social and environmental value through capital investing’ Edited by Jed Emerson

Reviewed by Philo Alto

Jed Emerson’s third book provides both a practitioner’s toolkit to impact investing and builds a compelling case for why investors should align their capital with their values and purpose for the creation of a more just, sustainable society and planet. The book is a timely resource for asset owners, investment advisers and those generally interested in the state of impact investing as it approaches mainstream.

Emerson’s first book, co-authored with Antony Bugg-Levine, Impact Investing: Transforming how we make money while making a difference, focused on the transformative role of impact investing in mobilizing capital for social value, and the second, co-authored with Cathy Clark and Ben Thornley, The Impact Investor: Lessons in leadership and strategy for collaborative capitalism, honed in on impact investing from both a practitioner’s perspective and as an approach for collaborative capitalism.

For this handbook, the editor assembled 12 chapters from thought leaders and practitioners across the different dimensions of impact investing, philanthropy and impact measurement. At the same time, Emerson has also made it easy for readers with limited time to jump right into those chapters that have immediate relevance without compromising the overall flow, conciseness and tone of the book.

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