Last Word: ‘Inclusivity’ includes the disabled, too 

Jo Chopra

Despite mandatory requirements for disability employment, employment for people with disability in India remains abysmally low according to the National Centre for the Promotion of Employment of Disabled Persons. Of those who are employed, 70 per cent are physically challenged; less than 1 per cent have cognitive impairments. What’s more, walking the talk on disability employment appears to be as difficult for philanthropic organizations in India as for any Indian company, government office or non-profit organization, even for those who are working in the area.

I conducted a survey among a random sample of philanthropic organizations in India, all of whom had disability as a thrust area for their giving.

These included corporates, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)[1] and grantmaking foundations. I asked all of them the same questions: 

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