June 2008

Individual giving – making it count

Volume 13 , Number 2

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June 2008

Individual giving – making it count

Volume 13 , Number 2

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Guest editors
Peggy Dulany Synergos Institute
Adele Simmons Global Philanthropy Partnership
Rory Tolentino Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium

The special feature in the June issue of Alliance looks at individual giving and how to make it work for both donors and recipients. It includes interviews with donors all over the world – José Ignacio Avalos Hernandez in Mexico; James Chen in Hong Kong; Cherie Nursalim in Indonesia; Ginny Jordan in Boulder, Colorado; Ikram Mian in Pakistan; the Merieux family in Switzerland.

It also includes articles looking at what’s new in the way of services for donors (Ellen Remmer and Stephen Johnson of The Philanthropic Initiative); the role of pooled funds and other intermediary organizations (Felicitas von Peter and Michael Alberg-Seberich of Active Philanthropy); and what makes a donor-grantee relationship work (Melissa Berman of Rockefeller Family Advisors). Finally, there is an article presenting ‘the view from the other side’, giving NGO perspectives on donor involvement in the projects they support, sharing the positives of working with individual donors as well as cautionary tales.

Special feature

Effective strategies for making a difference

2 June 2008
Peggy Dulany, Adele Simmons and Rory Tolentino

Although people of all means have always given to charity, the moniker ‘philanthropist’ has typically been conferred upon wealthy industrialists, whether their fortunes were made in oil and steel (Rockefeller and Carnegie) or software and finance (Gates and Buffett). Today, however, philanthropy has gone mainstream. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Bono have made refugees, human rights and debt relief causes célèbres. And if executives at NBC have their way, philanthropy may be coming soon to …


Ripples or powerful tides?

One thing all philanthropy commentators seem to agree on is that giving by wealthy individuals is increasing – not just in the US and Europe but across the world, with countries like India and China showing particularly rapid growth. And it’s likely to increase even more dramatically in the next decade or so. In a world where cash-strapped governments are unwilling or unable to raise taxes, this influx of private money could make a big contribution to solving social problems the world over. But will it? Is there anything we can do to ensure that it is well used and …


Followers or leaders?

Bruce Sievers

The informative exchange between Joel Fleishman and Bill Schambra highlights two important issues in current philanthropic practice that are not …

Limited liking for community empowerment?

Gara LaMarche

A few thoughts on what my good friends Joel Fleishman and Bill Schambra have to say about the role of …

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