September 2021

25 years in philanthropy

Volume 26 , Number 3

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September 2021

25 years in philanthropy

Volume 26 , Number 3

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Philanthropy has changed a lot in 25 years, but you don’t always see how your own child grows. As our field has undergone profound shifts, Alliance has been telling the story of philanthropy from the flowering of civil society in the nineties to the birth of philanthrocapitalism and the Giving Pledge, the resurgence of community philanthropy, and a possible return to philanthropy based on trust, humility and larger doses of unrestricted funding.  

In this issue, we present the results of our special anniversary readers survey, hearing the hopes of philanthropy practitioners born in 1996 – the same year as Alliance – and look forward to what the next 25 years of philanthropy has to offer. 


Bending the arc of philanthropy towards justice

31 August 2021
Maria Chertok, Caroline Hartnell, Charles Keidan, Elika Roohi and Ingrid Srinath

Philanthropy has changed a lot, but you don’t see how your own child grows Our field has undergone profound shifts in the last 25 years amounting to a quiet revolution. Put crudely, international philanthropy a quarter-century ago reflected an ‘aid’ orthodoxy in which the rich bestowed their wealth upon the poor, whether such giving was taking place on an individual level or from ‘donor’ states to poorer countries. Twenty-five years on, these norms have been …


A time to reflect and look to the future

Welcome to the 25th anniversary edition of Alliance, a special 100-page magazine to mark our 100th issue. Milestones bring about a sense of accomplishment, as we look back at what we’ve achieved. Over the last 25 years, Alliance has grown into a trusted voice at the heart of global philanthropy. The magazine has evolved alongside the philanthropy sector itself, exploring its most pertinent debates and setting out to both challenge and inform. Milestones prompt us also to reflect before moving forward. Have we reached the destination we anticipated, or have we arrived at a place that looks wholly different? What have we learned …

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