SPEAK! out, together

Launched in July and culminating in three days of action in September 2017, SPEAK! is a global campaign to help give a voice to everyone, everywhere. 

Our voices are unique: like a fingerprint, they reveal our identity. Our voices are powerful: through our words, we can change our community and the world. Our voices are being lost: 

  • Silenced by those in power, often by force. 
  • Hoarse from shouting at each other, when we should first be listening.
  • Captured by leaders who twist our words for their own agendas. 

Together, we will build platforms to amplify the voices of ordinary citizens; we will create spaces to listen and learn from each other; and we will show that our freedoms and struggles are more interconnected than ever – that together we rise and together we fall, so #TOGETHERWESPEAK! 

The campaign will culminate in three days of global action from 22-24 September. On Friday 22nd, the world will fall silent, in recognition of those who have been jailed or killed for raising their voice.

Then, on the weekend of 23rd and 24th, the world will speak as one, with hundreds of events and actions being held across the globe.  

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