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Corporate funding for girls – put your money where your mouth is

26 July 2017
Alisha Miranda

If one were to look at funding girls as a means to accelerate development as a line graph, the inflection point could be pinned to 2009 when the Nike Foundation, among others, produced their Girl Effect film. This viral video is credited with inspiring action across the private, public and non-profit sectors to empower girls. It’s fitting that the start of this movement can be, in part, credited to a corporate actor: business has played …


Reflections of an Alliance intern: Philanthropy, the problem or the solution?

21 July 2017
Amanda Aguilar

‘What is philanthropy?’ was one of the first questions Alliance editor Charles Keidan asked me when I first arrived at the magazine’s London office for my internship. We sat in a round, sunny room, and I quickly searched my brain for an answer through the flurry of first day nerves. I hadn’t come from a background of institutional philanthropy. I am a writer with interests as vast as computer programming and graphic design to romantic …


How students can prepare for a career in the nonprofit sector

20 July 2017

Accounting for 11.4 million jobs across the United States, nonprofits make up 10.3 per cent of all private sector employment, and with …


Shaping the future of Irish philanthropy

18 July 2017
Éilis Murray

At the risk of being accused of bias, it is probably fair to say that Ireland is renowned worldwide for …


5 insights on social investment in Asia

17 July 2017
Amanda Kee

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network’s (AVPN) new Social Investment Landscape Report is a resource for social investors assessing opportunities for collaborations, …