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To achieve social progress, donors must focus on the big challenges

21 June 2017
Michael Green

The world is making progress but we are struggling to ensure the rights of freedom and tolerance for all. At times it seems that the world is going backwards in terms of social progress and that the efforts of philanthropy, alongside government and business, are not making a dent in addressing our world’s problems most complex problems. Fortunately, new data from the global Social Progress Index brings the welcome news that, on average, the lives …


Philanthropy can eliminate neglected diseases

16 June 2017
Bill Campbell

Giving away money is hard work. Or at least it should be. Having spent 30 years leading businesses at JP Morgan Chase and Visa, I’ve picked up some habits that are hard to break in terms of looking for the best returns on capital invested. In my role as founding chair of the END Fund, the capital in question is donated not by governments or from charities, but privately by smart philanthropists who also tend …


Impact management: New kid on the block

14 June 2017
Abigail Rotheroe

Impact measurement has come a long way since NPC was set up 15 years ago. From inception to today, we …


SDGs: Where do human rights fit in?

9 June 2017
Sarah Tansey

729 funders. 20,600 grants. 12,888 organizations. Human rights is a broad field, as demonstrated by the vast data in Foundation …


Hungarian Community Foundations at a turning point

29 May 2017
Tamás Scsaurszki

Community Foundations in Hungary have reached an exciting milestone. On the one hand, three new foundations have emerged this year …