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Banging on the door – Women’s fight for a voice and space in civil society

15 January 2018
Tharanga Yakupitiyage

The space for civil society organizations is shrinking around the world, with particular impacts on women activists and human rights defenders who face additional barriers due to their gender or sexual orientation. Civil society organizations (CSOs) and activists from around the world convened in Fiji between 4-8 December, for the International Civil Society Week, to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Two years before she was murdered, indigenous and environmental rights activist Berta Caceres …


Our key findings from five years of mapping human rights funding

9 January 2018
Anna Koob and Sarah Tansey

When a problem comes along, you must map it! At least, that’s how that’s how Human Rights Funding Network’s Executive Director phrased it when we and the Foundation Center launched our Advancing Human Rights initiative. Recognizing a knowledge gap in the sector, we set out the answer the question: “who is funding human rights, and where?” For the past seven years, the Advancing Human Rights research has mapped the landscape of human rights philanthropy to help funders and advocates better understand the …


Why I made a film about philanthropy

8 January 2018
Salvatore Alaimo

I’ve done something unusual even for a philanthropy scholar and practitioner. Over the last decade I’ve produced a feature length …


Blockchain – a threat to existing philanthropy?

5 January 2018
Tamryn Stowell

Blockchain as term has entered mainstream conversation but often with little knowledge of its application and implications. The Charities Aid …


Transparency and philanthropy – an oxymoron in India? Not anymore.

4 January 2018
Sumitra Mishra and Chandrika Sahai

India has traditionally been a philanthropic culture with giving ingrained in all of its major religions, a part of everyday …