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When it comes to refugees, German foundations can do more and better

8 December 2017
Susan Hennessy

Living in Uganda between 2013 and 2105 and now in Berlin has given me a unique insight into attitudes of citizens and the responding governments and agencies of two countries which opened their borders to those in need. In recent months, Alliance has featured responses from German foundations to the refugee crisis. While these highlight individual positive stories, the whole picture is much bleaker and though much of the fault for this lies with the …


Our voices are strong: why self-led activism works

7 December 2017
Susan Jessop and Kellea Miller

Every voice matters. But impoverishment, injustice and violence in communities around the world routinely serve to silence women, girls and trans people. This leaves them little choice but to fight to be heard and to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. And they are doing just that. In villages, towns and city squares, in schools, health centres and courtrooms, through print, electronic and online media, feminist activists are raising their voices …


In search of global solutions for better health

28 November 2017
Karabi Acharya

Bagels, pita, naan, lavash, focaccia, muffins – each time I visit my local grocery store, the bread aisle reminds me …


Let’s ask more of grantmaking and not settle for the status quo

27 November 2017
Fran Perrin

Questions can change the world. Space travel, stem cell engineering, the internet and all of man’s great scientific breakthroughs since …


Has the time come for participatory grant making?

24 November 2017
Chris Cardona

At the Ford Foundation, we know that having genuine connection or access to the lived experience of the people we …