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OECD report is welcome spotlight on opaque philanthropy sector

12 April 2018
Penelope Lewis

Private philanthropy is big and getting bigger. Money flowing to development averaged almost $8 billion a year between 2013 and 2018, according to a new report by the OECD, with foundations amongst the biggest financers in some areas, notably health. As ODA declines and the challenges articulated in the SDGs become ever more pressing, the spotlight on philanthropy brightens. What role should foundations play in this universe? Are they leveraging their unique strengths in the …


Foundation board diversity: Five things we can do to break from the current reality

11 April 2018
Kevin Walker

This blog post is the third in a series written by foundation leaders in response to a new research report published by BoardSource titled Foundation Board Leadership: A Closer Look at Foundation Board Responses to Leading with Intent 2017. This report is an effort to better understand the particular dynamics of foundation boards and involved taking a close look at the subset of responses from the 141 foundation leaders who completed the Leading with Intent 2017 survey. …


Is impact investing the next big thing for donor-advised funds?

8 April 2018
Alliance magazine

Private foundations have been taking bolder steps toward impact investing in recent years. But with more individuals turning to donor-advised funds …


Where’s philanthropy’s fight against fake news headed next?

6 April 2018
Alliance magazine

According to the Foundation Center, since 2016, grantmakers have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into newsrooms, think tanks and …


Philanthropy in China – a land of contrasts

31 March 2018
Susanne Dahl

China is a land of contrasts. There are more dollar billionaires here than in the US, but at the same …


How European policy makers have re-discovered philanthropy

30 March 2018
Barry Hoolwerf

Official interest in philanthropy is growing. In recent years European policy makers have (re-)discovered philanthropy and, more specifically foundations as …


Why local funding is good but not enough

24 March 2018
Barbara Klugman

One of the primary rationales for local groups to generate their own funding is to ensure their ability to shape …


How I dealt with depression while running a foundation

16 March 2018
Leigh Pearce

I joined the Nationwide Foundation, a British corporate funder, as a grants officer eleven years ago. In 2014, our chief …


German philanthropy should get behind LGBTI rights

15 March 2018
Felix Oldenburg

Many Alliance readers will know far more about LGBTI issues than me. However, I will not hide behind a convenient …


Down the rabbit hole – The tale of Alliance’s Communications Officer

13 March 2018
Kathryn Murrell

I still remember the laughter and hoots of support mixed with the boos of opposition the first time the words …


How interfaith philanthropy can minimize violence in the name of religion

12 March 2018
Retnaningtyas Dwi Hapsari

Indonesia is a large archipelago nation comprised of large groups of diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions. The diversity of Indonesia …