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Why racial equity? Why now?

24 March 2017
Keecha Harris

This article was originally posted on the Center for Effective Philanthropy, on 1 December 2016. The original article can be found here. In my work with foundations on environmental issues and organizational change, a question I’ve heard with increased volume over the years is: “Why should we focus on racial equity now?” My response? We cannot afford not to focus on racial equity — politically, socially, economically, or environmentally. If we want our sector to be …


Danish foundation steps up to fight climate change

23 March 2017
Jakob Thomsen

A climate frontrunner – the internationally-foucsed Danish KR Foundation – is taking the fight against global warming to a new field, placing sustainable behaviour high on their agenda. KR Foundation is the latest addition to the Velux Foundations’ family – one of Denmark’s largest foundations and the only Scandinavian signatory to the Divest Invest Philanthopy. Since it was established two years ago, the Danish KR Foundation has shown itself to be an ambitious and critical environmentalist, …


Philanthropy and access to justice in India

14 March 2017
Srijoni Sen

The most successful experiments in social reform in India have been driven from ‘below’. Prominent examples include the Right to …


How women are changing the face of giving

8 March 2017
Cheryl Chapman

It has taken centuries, but women are finally being recognised for their philanthropy. Melinda Gates, Priscilla Chan and Pam Omidyar …


An industrial strategy for philanthropy

6 March 2017
Rob Abercrombie

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Industrial Strategy has been criticised by some as too feeble to make much difference, and …