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Impact investments are philanthropy’s brave new world

20 June 2018
Susanne Dahl

The synchronisation of asset portfolios and donations within a joint mission is the way forward if philanthropic foundations and funds are to maximise their impact and value. That’s the view of impact-investment organisation GIIN. But what is needed to achieve this brave new world? When foundations develop new strategies, they are often designed with sharp divisions between the plans for philanthropic donations on the one hand and the foundation’s investment work on the other. It …


Revisiting philanthropy in Russia

16 June 2018
Ross Maclaren

I come to PSJP’s working paper on Philanthropy in Russia two and a half years removed from direct engagement in the Russian philanthropic sector since the Mott Foundation halted grantmaking to organizations there. Reading the paper, published in January 2018, therefore helped me reacquaint myself with some of the actors, trends and challenges faced then, while also opening my eyes to new, or more fully realized, developments that have emerged since. It is heartening to see that …


Make social impact bonds tradeable

13 June 2018
Ronnie Horesh

It’s now thirty years since I first floated the idea Social Policy Bonds at a meeting of the Australian Agricultural …


Is it the end of ‘philanthropy’ as we know it?

8 June 2018
Andrew Milner

It may be that the term philanthropy has never been entirely satisfactory especially – and paradoxically – since the notion …


We need to encourage more people to write about their work

7 June 2018
Atallah Kuttab

Thanks to Nora Murad for raising important issues in her blog responding to PSJP’s report on Philanthropy in the Arab Region. Local discourses …


Why it’s time for a single market for philanthropy

6 June 2018
Felix Oldenburg

‘Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?’ The quote is associated with Henry Kissinger but he …


How entrepreneurs are disrupting philanthropy

3 June 2018
Dhana Sabanathan

“The Sunday Times Rich List has commented that “just 5.7 percent of the year’s list represent wealth passed from one …


Lankelly Chase’s approach to working with complexity

2 June 2018
Julian Corner

What does effectiveness look like when working in situations of complexity? How do we understand what to do or where …


Working our way towards a single market for philanthropy

24 May 2018
Massimo Lapucci

Growing nationalism and deepening populist sentiment across Europe make it all the more urgent to bolster our shared European values. …


Deeper issues for Arab philanthropy need to be discussed

19 May 2018
Nora Murad

A comprehensive and well-written report, Caroline Hartnell’s just-released Philanthropy in the Arab Region: A working paper gave me a feeling of déjà …


Acknowledging power isn’t enough — dig deeper!

15 May 2018
Jen Bokoff

Earlier this month, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released Power Moves: Your Essential Philanthropy Assessment Guide for Equity and Justice, a …