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Philanthropy is growing but it needs critical friends to keep challenging the field to serve with maximum impact and accountability.

We want to ask hard questions of philanthropy which it can’t or won’t ask if left to its own devices. Such as: Who manage the investments which make philanthropy possible? How much are foundation investment managers paid? How do these investments relate to grant making? We want to find out the answers to these and many other philanthropy questions.

We’re crowdfunding to create a series of dedicated investigations to illuminate particular trends or issues in the philanthropic world. Your donation would help us conduct investigations and bring new insight into practices such as:

  • the remuneration of foundation investment managers
  • the remuneration of the philanthropy workforce at universities
  • the gender pay gap in foundations

By ventilating debates and holding a mirror to the field, we’re helping to make philanthropy more accountable, effective and transparent, directly contributing to a vibrant and democratic civil society around the world. Alliance magazine will be able to dig deeper and shine more light on philanthropy’s role than ever before influencing social attitudes to giving and improving knowledge, policy and practice on philanthropy.

If you donate before 31 December 2019 Alliance magazine could win extra funding from GlobalGiving!

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