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Andrew Mambondiyani

Analysis Andrew Mambondiyani 23 June 2022

In parched Zimbabwe, experts fear that new PVO law will curtail food aid

Zimbabwe is grappling with severe droughts that have left millions of people food insecure, forcing many farmers to depend on both local and international philanthropic organisations for food. The country has suffered from numerous serious …

Analysis Andrew Mambondiyani 22 February 2022

Zimbabwe philanthropists urged to invest more in resilience to severe droughts

Over the past two decades, rain-fed agriculture has increasingly become unattainable in Zimbabwe as frequent and severe droughts continue to ravage the country. Could philanthropy help with drought resilience? Experts say Zimbabwe is now experiencing …

News 1 Andrew Mambondiyani 2 September 2021

Philanthropy keeps Zimbabwe afloat as frequent climate disasters hit the country

Zimbabwe is in the clasp of a crippling economic crisis resulting from a mix of climate change disasters and fiscal policies enacted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Millions of people in the country continue to …