No easy answers: Podcast episode explores complexities of effective philanthropy


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The most recent episode of the Giving Done Right podcast looks at the complexities of being an effective philanthropist and how to navigate several specific challenges of giving, from measuring impact to making difficult decisions about where to give.

On this week’s episode, which is also the podcast’s season finale, hosts Phil Buchanan and Grace Nicolette speak with Melinda Tuan, a trusted adviser to foundations and major donors around the country and managing director of Fund for Shared Insight, a national funder collaborative working to improve philanthropy by elevating the voices of those least heard.

‘You have different categories of ways you could think about impact and outcomes’ said Tuan, about giving. ‘And those could be very much in conflict with each other, which is why being a thoughtful donor means really holding all those things in tension and understanding what your goals are for your philanthropy, what your goals are for the nonprofit partners, and what the goals are for the individuals if there are individuals in terms of what you’re giving is about, what their goals are.’

Listen to Episode 7, No Easy Answers: The Hard Work of Giving Done Right

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