Over 80 per cent of Alliance readers believe there is a gender pay gap in the philanthropy sector


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Alliance magazine released a survey on our website between late September and early October 2019, looking to get our readers’ thoughts and opinions on the gender pay gap and philanthropy.

Our questions included whether respondents believed there was a gender pay gap within their foundation or trust, whether they believed there was a gender pay gap within the sector at large, which country they’re based in, their age and their gender.

Here are some key findings:

A gender pay gap is perceived within both respondents’ own organisations, and the sector more widely
Whilst 53 per cent of respondents directly agree that they believe there is a gender pay gap within their own trust or foundation, 84 per cent believe there is a gender pay gap within the sector at large.

Your perspectives were global
Responses came in from around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Togo, Uganda, the UK, USA and Zambia.

Women answered most
74 per cent of respondents stated themselves as female, 24 as male. 2 per cent declared that they preferred not to say. The biggest age group category was between 35-44, at 31 per cent of all respondents. Respondents under the age of 44 more strongly agree that there is an issue within their own foundation (56 per cent) compared to those 45 and over (43 per cent).

Many of those who answered left comments about the well-documented penalisation of women and those from BAME backgrounds in the hiring process, and opacity around both salaries and offers.

Respondents’ anonymous feedback is not evidence of this phenomenon, but it is helping us to determine whether Alliance should commit more resources in the future to finding out more about this issue.

Alliance would like to thank all those who took the time to answer this survey. Our next issue is on Feminist Philanthropy, so make sure you are subscribed to get this issue in December.

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