Revolutionising philanthropy across Asia and the Pacific

Tulika Srivastava

Feminism’s purpose is to disrupt power and funders who support it need to embrace this principle to achieve genuine gender justice

Feminism is about disrupting power, so feminist philanthropy is about challenging and disrupting the power of resources and the power dynamics between those who give the resources for gender justice and those who claim them.

From 25-27 September 2019, 150 women’s, girls’ and trans activists from across Asia and the Pacific and beyond met in Bangkok to unravel the complex reality of feminist funding in the region. Organised by eight women’s funds members of the Asia and the Pacific chapter of Prospera, the International Network of Women’s Funds, the convergence brought together grantee partners, regional allies and funders to talk about power, resources and the processes through which they are negotiated.

Organising around women’s and trans persons’ human rights often flies in the face of tradition.

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