Interview: Ise Bosch and Justus Eisfeld

Ise Bosch.

Justus Eisfeld.

As a philanthropist, Ise Bosch goes her own way. A scion of a well-known German philanthropic family, she nevertheless chooses the issues she funds and the way she funds them. The recent award of the German foundation prize suggests that others are taking heed of what she is doing. With her close colleague Justus Eisfeld, with whom she recently co-wrote Transformative Philanthropy: Giving with trust, she talks to Alliance editor Charles Keidan about her approach to giving, about power and privilege, and about non-binary philanthropy, the issue in which she has invested so much of her energy and resources.

In your acceptance speech to the German Association of Foundations, when you won its annual Stifterpreis, you said you would like to use the power and privilege you have to help create more egalitarian societies. Is that the vision of your philanthropic work in one sentence?

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