Cover for Alliance magazine's March 2021 issue on law and philanthropy.
March 2021

Law, philanthropy and justice

Volume 26 , Number 1

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March 2021

Law, philanthropy and justice

Volume 26 , Number 1

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Welcome to the first issue of our 25th anniversary year

In this issue, we explore the intersection of law, philanthropy and justice. It includes a special retrospective look at 25 years of philanthropy in the law from James Goldston and Martin O’Brien. They reflect on two foundations who have worked at the cutting edge of law and social change – the Open Society Foundations and Atlantic Philanthropies.

But as our guest editors, the Ford Foundation’s Nicolette Naylor and Baring Foundation’s David Sampson note ‘courtroom judgements are only part of the solution’ and philanthropic engagement must extend well beyond courts.

Lorenzo Wakefield discusses the Mott Foundation’s work with community paralegals across Africa and the legal tools needed by people and communities in search of justice.

We also feature discussion of philanthropy’s response to threats to civil society and the rule of law in Europe.

Elsewhere, we talk to Kirsten Hommelhoff, the new CEO of the German Association of Foundation about how to advance best practice while keeping everyone on board. No small challenge for Europe’s largest Foundation sector.

Special feature

Advancing justice is a multi-pronged act

2 March 2021
Nicolette Naylor and David Sampson

Many funders are reluctant to delve into legal work because they see it as too specialised. However, it can be a more supple and accessible instrument for achieving change than they realise To a degree unprecedented in the lifetimes of most of us, 2020 saw government intervention in the lives of citizens with legislation and policy changing at speeds unimaginable before the pandemic. It provided a forcible reminder to many of us working in philanthropy …


Alliance is 25!

We’re delighted to be celebrating our 25th anniversary at the heart of global philanthropy. Reaching 25 years old in the world of non-profit media is something none of us take for granted. We’re grateful to you and everyone in the global philanthropy sector for the trust you place in us to hold up a mirror to our field. To mark and celebrate this milestone, we’ll be hosting 25 moments across 2021. Please look out for our anniversary-themed articles, webinars and events – including a special set of sessions exploring where philanthropy is headed around the world. In this issue, we …


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