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In December a brand new content hub – Sinapse – will be released by GIFE, which intends it to become the first and largest knowledge base of non-profit organizations and social investment in Brazil.

Sinapse is the product of a partnership between GIFE and the Foundation Center, whose own virtual library, Issuelab, serves as both inspiration and source of content, providing Sinapse with access to a wealth of resources from partners such as WINGS and others across the world.

capture-20141119-144230There is an alarming void of data and academic material on social investment and the third sector in Brazil, which Sinapse is taking a step towards filling. GIFE is responsible for its curation, and will invite all its associates – and all other partners and organizations – to contribute to it and to treat it as a collaborative hub. GIFE will encourage new producers to contribute information, and will work to increase awareness by building a wide body of content on the third sector in Brazil.

GIFE believes that access to relevant data and information about the non-profit sector is extremely important for social investors. By developing our own content hub, we are committed to facilitating this access by offering a place where publications, videos, reports, surveys, case studies, articles and annual reports from our associates and partners can be found for free.

In the words of the Foundation Center, we are building one of the sector’s largest knowledge bases, while developing the capacity and tools for meaningful and knowledgeable engagement.

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