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Halie Dalton

Halie Dalton 21 March 2017

Community foundations’ growing popularity in rural Russia

CAF Russia has completed a study, funded by the Global Fund for Community Foundations, on the phenomenon of community foundations (CFs) in rural areas of Russia. Community foundations in small areas are seen as ‘drivers …

Halie Dalton 20 March 2017

Why Kenyans give (or don’t)

In a nationwide survey, Yetu conducted quantitative research in all 47 Kenyan counties in order to gain a greater understanding of philanthropic behaviour among Kenyans. Yetu, an organisation dedicated to building a better future in …

Halie Dalton 16 March 2017

New donation platform for more effective giving

Effective altruists have created a new donation platform through which donors are able to maximise the effectiveness of their donations. This platform operates under the growing movement for effective altruism movement, a systematic approach to …

Halie Dalton 9 March 2017

How crowd philanthropy helps defy Trump’s travel ban

A recent article published by The New York Times provides a look into Trump’s travel ban and how crowd funding sites help to raise money for those affected. Focusing primarily on GoFundMe, the largest crowd …

Halie Dalton 8 March 2017

Mama Cash releases annual report and opens 2017 grantmaking

Mama Cash, an international fund for women’s rights initiatives around the world, has released their annual report. The report provides a glimpse into their 2016 financial data and grantmaking statistics, emphasizing their 56 per cent …

2 Halie Dalton 14 February 2017

Alliance Breakfast Club – #ShiftThePower

The 9 February Alliance magazine Breakfast Club, hosted by St Luke’s Community Centre in London, and sponsored by the Charities Aid Foundation, stayed true to its motto embodied in the hashtag #ShiftThePower. The event focused on the …