New donation platform for more effective giving


Halie Dalton


Effective altruists have created a new donation platform through which donors are able to maximise the effectiveness of their donations.

This platform operates under the growing movement for effective altruism movement, a systematic approach to giving in which the impact on communities with the greatest need is maximized.

The program is set up so that donors split their donations across four funds offered through The Effective Altruism Funds: global health and development, animal welfare, far future, and effective altruism community.

The Effective Altruism donation platform.

Donors have the option of making a single donation or setting up a recurring payment, the funds from which will be pooled with many other donors’. Once the donations have been given to the various funds, experts then decide how to allocate the pooled donations on behalf of the donors ‘to the most promising giving opportunities they can find’.

While the Effective Altruism Funds does not claim that this way is the highest-impact donation method for all donors, it could be higher-impact than many of the alternatives.

The Funds argues that by utilizing the expertise of grant and fund managers, individuals will not only be able to donate more effectively, but also to opportunities that may not be open to individual donors.

Lastly, the Funds notes that the rate in which they can move donations within the community is much faster than big foundations, allowing them to have a more responsive role as new funding needs are made apparent.

For more information, visit the Effective Altruism website.

Halie Dalton is a student at James Madison University, Virginia, and is currently an editorial intern with Alliance. 

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