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Community philanthropy: true to life?

20 September 2017
Carola Carazzone

Community Foundations are local – local people, local assets, local donors, local agencies, local capacities, local trust. They can easily exist in splendid isolation without interacting with other peers around the world. Last Sunday in Edinburgh, I went to visit a fantastic exhibition, ‘True to life‘. Focusing on British realist painting in the 1920s and 1930s, the exhibition brings for the first time together 50 British artists – including Gerald Brockhurst, Meredith Frampton, Laura Knight, …

Conference reports

Trust. Impact. Passion

19 September 2017
Sandra King

Trust. Impact. Passion. Three words ringing in my ears as I leave Cardiff following the inaugural European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) Conference and the UK Community Foundations Conference (UKCF). After 9 years away, I re-joined Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland (CFTWN) last year and was keen to hear how the European movement had changed.  As 100 delegates from 22 countries converged, it was poignant that the first I tracked down was Jan Despiegelare. …

Conference reports

Where is the new beginning?

18 September 2017
Kaja Petryka

I have such reflections after taking part in the European Conference of Community Foundations in Cardiff, which was organized in …

Conference reports

Great expectations

13 September 2017
Maria Chertok

The fact that the ECFI (European Community Foundations Initiative – a project run by the Association of German Foundations) conference …

Conference reports

Open dialogue and the future of philanthropy

6 September 2017
Caspar Kolster and Nike Pulda

Round tables, waving strips of colourful paper, a room humming with conversation.  Practitioners, policy thinkers, foundation representatives and politicians took …