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Mobilization and power shift are key to community development

12 July 2017
Era Shrestha and Srijana Thapa

Is community-driven development just a fad or an achievable vision? Can a very (economically) poor community invest in its own development? These were some of the central questions of the 20th anniversary Kenya Community Development Organization (KCDF) conference on ‘Durable development: shifting the power, building community resilience.’ The conference brought together 300+ development practitioners for two days of power-packed exchange and intense dialogue. Our main takeaway from the conference was the answer to the above …

Conference reports

Alliance Breakfast Club – Solidarity: more in common?

11 July 2017
Alliance magazine

This month’s Alliance Breakfast Club, kindly hosted by CCLA, brought together philanthropy professionals, academics, and members of NGOs, to discuss the complex relationship between philanthropy and solidarity and looks at the different ways that philanthropy is responding to the strains between people and states across Europe. Alliance editor Charles Keidan was joined on the panel by Iona Lawrence, Director of the Jo Cox Foundation, Cathy Stancer, Director of Equalities and Rights for the Lankelly Chase Foundation, Keiran Goddard, Head of …

Conference reports

How to use technology to make social projects more impactful

22 June 2017
Anna Kwiatkiewicz-Mory and Katarzyna Zwolak-Szwechowicz

‘How to use technology to make social projects more impactful?’ was an overarching theme of the 2017 European Foundation Centre’s …

Conference reports

Bigger, broader, and on a roll – the 2017 AVPN conference

20 June 2017
JP Hamilton

There’s a tradition at AVPN conferences that Doug Miller, founder of AVPN, leaps onto the stage. The challenge is that …

Conference reports

Takeaways from Danny Sriskandarajah: Dreaming big and funding social movements

13 June 2017
Andre Chumko

Secretary General of CIVICUS Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah gave a keynote address about brave philanthropy and its role in shaping civil …