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The need for guiding lights

20 November 2017
Michael Alberg-Seberich

Oslo is a beautiful, welcoming but also a bit dim city at this time of the year. The shrinking amount of daylight hours in Northern Europe in fall made it fitting to use the motto ‘Guiding Lights’ for this year’s European Venture Philanthropy Association’s (EVPA) conference. The venue, Sentralen, an old bank building turned conference centre and innovation hub was a perfect place to meet for EVPA. The 13th conference of this kind was another …

Conference reports

Arming for justice: charge to philanthropy

17 November 2017
Melanie R. Brown

Early into his address at the London School of Economics, Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, posed a question I have felt tugging at my conscience many times over the past decade I’ve spent in the field of philanthropy: ‘What does it mean for a foundation, an organization of immense privilege, to address the root inequalities that have created and sustained it?’ For those of us who view our work through a justice lens, …

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British foundations have come of age

16 November 2017
Charles Keidan

Around 400 people gathered at the British Medical Association’s headquarters in North London last week for the annual conference of …

Conference reports

Perspectives from the field: journalism, media and the role of philanthropy

15 November 2017
Jennifer Davis and Michelle Nelson

Americans’ attitudes about the news media are increasingly divided along partisan lines, with claims that we have entered a ‘post-fact’ …

Conference reports

Is there a foundation thought leader in the house?

14 November 2017
Carsten Terp Beck-Nilsson

Hello? Is there a thought leader in the Nordic foundation house? Anyone? The thought hit me at the opening session …