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WINGS is about building bridges and not walls

14 March 2017
Janet Mawiyoo

‘Wings is about building bridges and not walls…’ This is one thing that resonated with me throughout the three days of the recently concluded WINGSForum in Mexico. Coming from the Chair of the WINGS Board, Maria Chertok, at the opening ceremony, this was an important message. Obviously, this rang a special bell with me because I was in Mexico, and I had heard about the new President of America having a plan to build a …

Conference reports

WINGSForum 2017: Business as usual in a changing world

9 March 2017
Andrés Thompson

It was the first time that I attended a WINGS Forum and, I must recognize, my expectations were moderate. Big conferences organized by “industry” organizations, such as the ones serving philanthropy, are usually self centered and very poor in terms of questioning their own practices and even less their own existence. To a large extent, this is precisely my perception of what happened during the WINGSForum 2017. Organizations serving philanthropy do not play their role in a …

Conference reports

Global solidarity, with a dash of humility

28 February 2017
Natalie Ross

In Mexico City, WINGSForum attendees from 41 countries adopted the Mexico Declaration which articulated a shared commitment to ‘respect for …

Conference reports

Getting creative and colourful at the 2017 WINGSForum

27 February 2017
Dana Preston

I’m not going to lie. I’ve always been slightly skeptical about the potential of art as a tool to heal. …

Conference reports

Social problems: business solutions – myth or fact?

27 February 2017
Jens Böhme

At the 2017 WINGSForum session on ‘Social problems: business solutions: myth or fact?’, the panel discussed questions about social enterprises …