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The importance of trust

18 January 2018
Amy McGoldrick

‘…11 days ago two bullets crossed off two more faces from my family tree they were 14 they were studying the blood-soaked arithmetic pages are still sitting on the mantel…’ Emi Mahmoud, a Sudanese-American slam poet, performing at the Trust Conference 2017. The conference is organised by The Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), the philanthropic side to Thomson Reuters, the renowned worldwide multimedia source. Changed this year from Trust Women Conference to simply the ‘Trust Conference’, CEO Monique Villas was at …

Conference reports

Looking beyond the echo chamber

1 December 2017
Megan Sullivan

The global context in which the 2017 Trust Conference took place was particularly challenging. There are many reasons to conclude that we are seeing a global regression in Women’s rights; the US reinstatement of the global gag rule, polarizing politics fuelling conservative views of gender roles, and a universal failure to meaningfully implement much of the women’s rights legislation passed worldwide. Political and economic uncertainty generally seem to be pushing women’s rights off priority lists …

Conference reports

The good, the bad and the unspeakable – corporate foundations gather in Switzerland

1 December 2017
Theresa Gehringer

Under this striking slogan, the second European Corporate Foundations Knowledge Exchange took place on the 21 and 22 of November …

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Working together to stop the traffic

30 November 2017
Abha Thorat-Shah

For me, attending the Trust Conference 2017 last week encapsulated having a huge shared sense of solidarity and purpose in …

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Reflections on the first independent African Philanthropy Forum conference

23 November 2017
African Philanthropy Forum

The African Philanthropy Forum (APF) hosted the 2017 Annual Conference in Lagos from October 30 – October 31, 2017. Fourth …

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Breaking taboos through courage and open dialogue

21 November 2017
Susan Place Everhart

To break a taboo takes great courage. This was the theme of a ‘Breaking Taboos’ panel discussion at the Trust …

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The need for guiding lights

20 November 2017
Michael Alberg-Seberich

Oslo is a beautiful, welcoming but also a bit dim city at this time of the year. The shrinking amount …

Conference reports

Arming for justice: charge to philanthropy

17 November 2017
Melanie R. Brown

Early into his address at the London School of Economics, Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, posed a question …

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British foundations have come of age

16 November 2017
Charles Keidan

Around 400 people gathered at the British Medical Association’s headquarters in North London last week for the annual conference of …

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Perspectives from the field: journalism, media and the role of philanthropy

15 November 2017
Jennifer Davis and Michelle Nelson

Americans’ attitudes about the news media are increasingly divided along partisan lines, with claims that we have entered a ‘post-fact’ …

Conference reports

Is there a foundation thought leader in the house?

14 November 2017
Carsten Terp Beck-Nilsson

Hello? Is there a thought leader in the Nordic foundation house? Anyone? The thought hit me at the opening session …