$16m from OSF for social projects in Colombia


Alliance magazine


The Open Society Foundations has announced grants totalling $16 million for social projects in Colombia, as a part of its work in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the most significant social investment from OSF in Colombia, where the foundation has been working since the early ‘90s.

The resources will be used for initiatives related to increasing the political participation of youth, women, ethnic groups, and LGBTIQ+ in the development of public policies, promoting drug policy reforms at the national and international levels, and contributing to the green transition agenda that focuses on racial and ethnic groups.

‘[Colombia] is going through a stage of significant change that requires the commitment and support of all actors, including international cooperation. From Open Society Foundations, we consider this opportune moment to redouble our support to Colombian civil society in the efforts to achieve a more inclusive, just and peaceful country,’ said Pedro Abramovay, executive director of Open Society for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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