$19m for meals drive in UAE a part of Ramadan giving


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UAE’s One Billion Meals programme has raised $19 million to help those in need this Ramadan.

The meal drive aims to create sustainable solutions to fight hunger and eradicate its causes through a clear strategy. The programme, which began as 10 Million Meals during Ramadan 2020 to respond to need that arose during the early days of Covid-19, has now grown exponentially. In 2022, the programme hit its target in under a month, providing meals in 50 countries with the support of more than 300,000 donors.

Some of the biggest donors to the programme this year include the Al Ansari Exchange, which has pledged $13.6 million over five years. Another big donor is Dubai Duty Free, which has donated $5.4 million.

‘The One Billion Meals Endowment campaign is an inspiring new initiative that aims to provide sustainable food aid to underprivileged populations on a large scale. We are honoured for our foundation to participate in the campaign’s endowment fund’, said Colm McLoughlin, executive vice-chairman and CEO of Dubai Duty Free.

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