2023 GIFE conference will challenge structures of inequality


Simon Hungin


This year, Brazil’s social investment network GIFE will host its 12th conference between 12-14 April at the Latin America Memorial in São Paulo on the topic of challenging structures of inequality.

The aim of this conference is to recognise the importance and potential of Brazilian private and social investment in contributing to the strengthening of the country’s democracy and developing solutions to tackle contemporary challenges within the nation.

2023 marks the 35th anniversary of the promulgation of the Brazilian Citizen Constitution, in which Article 5 established the fundamental rights and guarantees for the Brazilian population. However, over three decades on, the reality is that a significant portion of the Brazilian population still does not have access to their constitutional rights.

Held every two years since 2000, the GIFE Conference is a leading meeting on social investment in Latin America, bringing together sector leaders and professionals as well as directors and managers of civil society organisations, academics, consultants and government representatives.

GIFE is an association of private social investors in Brazil with a network of more than 160 associates. It aims to advance and share ideas and practices concerning the use of private resources to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development in Brazil.

Simon Hungin is a freelance writer that supports Alliance magazine.

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