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Coinciding with Open Data Day, 360Giving is launching a free online platform called 360Insights where grantmakers who openly share their grants data can quickly see information on seven key areas, revealing how much they give to different types of organisations, when, where, how old and how big their recipients are.

Paul Streets OBE, Chief Executive of Lloyds Bank Foundation, believes 360Insights is of crucial help to them. He said ‘Data informs everything we do – our strategic direction, allows us to check we’re making the impact we set out to and to challenge and improve our work. Sharing data enables transparency and accountability. That’s especially important for a funder community whose customers can’t walk away.’

All of the grants data included in 360Insights is published by funders in a common, open format, so that anyone can access and use it. 360Insights is part of a suite of tools developed by 360Giving to help people easily see and understand the different flows of charitable funding across the UK.

Streets continues ‘What’s exciting about 360Giving’s work, and the new 360Insights platform, is the chance for us – and indeed for anyone – to view the funding world with a wider lens, reflecting both on the synergy between funders, but also to expose the places and people that need more help. It challenges funders like us on every level, from flagging specific place-based issues, like rural homelessness in Lincolnshire, to highlighting underfunded groups, like those in the criminal justice system, that really aren’t getting the support they need.’

360Gving founder Fran Perrin on the Alliance audio podcast with editor Charles Keidan. Click here to listen.

Founder of 360, Fran Perrin, is excited at the potential of this new platform. ‘When I set up 360Giving three years ago, I would not have believed that in such a short time we’d have so much useful data being shared, enabling insights into issues such as homelessness and the distribution of funding.’

‘As the numbers of funders sharing their data approaches 100, we saw the need to make it easier for anyone to see what the £26bn of grantmaking says about them’, she added. ‘That’s why we built 360Insights and I am excited to see how grantmakers apply this fantastic functionality into their decision making’.

For more see: https://insights.threesixtygiving.org/

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