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On 25 June, the Foundation Center launched a completely redesigned website for its GrantCraft service. According to the press release, ‘GrantCraft harnesses the practical wisdom of funders worldwide to provide free resources that improve the practice of philanthropy. The new site is home to guides, blogs, videos, and other media that address questions faced by funders of all types around the world, helping to support a global movement of strategic philanthropy.

‘”We know that people often become funders through routes other than formal education programs, which is why GrantCraft fills such a critical need,” said Jen Bokoff, director of GrantCraft at the Foundation Center. “The knowledge grantmakers gain through exposure to real-world examples from their peers across the globe empowers them to be more strategic and effective when making funding decisions.”

… The GrantCraft community — currently more than 50,000 users — can learn from diverse foundations, geographies, issue areas, and topics through stories, questions, and ideas curated by the GrantCraft team.’

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On its blog the GrantCraft team explain a bit more what they hope to achieve with the new website:

‘Through surveys, interviews, analytics, and a review of our decade-long history, we learned what you – the GrantCraft community – want and need. A new site needed to be more accessible than ever, have dynamic content that is readable both on-screen and printed, support the continued collection of your stories, host relevant conversations about your questions and ideas, present translated content, and form the foundation for what can grow into a more networked, connected community.’

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And click here to check out the new website.

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