African public health gains traction with launch of several institutions  


Shafi Musaddique


The African Pharmaceutical Technology Foundation is set to formally begin work this January, in what is shaping is up to be a year of new institutions and philanthropic endeavours tackling public health across the continent.  

The foundation, built to help address the challenges of creating a sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in Africa in the face of numerous challenges, begins a year after a soft launch.  

Barriers include foreign companies refusing to share both technological and intellectual property that are critical to ending tropical diseases, as well as creating emerging vaccinations and drugs. 

Vincent Biruta, Rwanda’s minister for foreign affairs, said he hopes the foundation can “help Africa gain rapid access to the latest pharmaceutical breakthroughs”, during a ceremony held in December. 

Rwanda has agreed to host the African Pharmaceutical Technology foundation. 

The pharmaceutical foundation is part of several initiatives aimed at bringing public health independence to an ever-increasing youthful population this year.  

The Africa Public Health Foundation, responsible for funding priorities on disease control and prevention, will launch its strategic plan in the first quarter of 2024. 

A new governance framework is being developed by the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, around a new Africa Epidemics Fund. African leaders could sign off on the new fund during an African Union summit scheduled in February. 

The Africa Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator will officially launch in June with up to $1 billion available over the next decade.  

The African Medicines Agency, established by the Africa Union, is also reportedly closer to launching, with the aim of generating local pharmaceutical production, and tackling fake or mediocre drugs. 

Shafi Musaddique is news editor at Alliance magazine. 

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