After Covid year, new safeguarding framework for foundations


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The Association of Charitable Foundations and the Funder Safeguarding Collaborative (FSC) have launched a new safeguarding framework for foundations.

The framework, which is a revised version of the one first developed by ACF in 2018, incorporates new regulatory guidance from across the UK and research conducted by FSC with foundations to identify positive funder safeguarding practices.

‘Safeguarding is a key issue for all charities whether working at home or abroad, said Punam McGookin, Head of Charity Services, at the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland said. ‘Charity trustees are responsible for ensuring those benefiting from, or working with, their charity are not harmed in any way through contact with it.’

Charity regulators across the UK have established safeguarding as a governance and operational priority. As charities in their own right, foundations must prioritise safeguarding within their own internal practices even where they have limited contact with children and vulnerable adults, the framework asserts. By integrating safeguarding in their overall approach to funding, foundations can also play a critical role in promoting practices and organisational cultures which keep people safe

The revised framework takes account of the changed context of the last 12 months, including increased digital delivery and virtual services, and poses a series of questions to prompt reflection and discussion, and to help foundations decide what is appropriate and proportionate for their organisation.

‘We know that there is a genuine commitment amongst trusts and foundations to promoting practices and organisational cultures that keep people safe. The framework captures the learning and best practice that already exists within the sector and is a simple, accessible tool to help foundations think through their approach,’ said Karen Walker Simpson, FSC Director.

To download the framework document, click here.

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