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Alexander Soros

In a recent interview with the editor of Alliance magazine, Alexander Soros says that he is looking to take risks with his recently launched foundation to support unpopular causes.

Influenced greatly by his father George Soros, founder of the Open Society Foundation, Alexander Soros aims to support those issues which resonate personally with him, things which may not catch the limelight but which have the potential to have a big impact. In his interview, Soros discusses what he means by risk, his views on the role of Jewish foundations and why he thinks one has to be experimental.

One interesting aspect of this interview is that Soros refers back to the notion of values and the impact these can have on a foundation’s board. Values and vision formed a key part of the discussions at the recent Alliance Breakfast Club, which considered the question Should foundations take more risks in the pursuit of social justice? How great is the link between the values of a foundation and their attitude to risk?

Read the full article on the Alliance website.

This free article is part of the content available on the main Alliance website. The interview is a continuation of the theme of opportunity, risk and global development which was explored in depth in the June issue of Alliance magazine. If you would like to read the full feature, access the online contents page on the website or discover more about subscribing to the magazine.

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