Alliance Breakfast Club December 2013: Live Streaming


Tom Rennell


Next gen donors: What will they do differently?

The December Breakfast Club will be streamed live at 9.00am (GMT) 3rd December 2013 on the Latest from Alliance blog and via youtube

What will the future bring? So much depends on the rising cohort of major donors, now in their twenties and thirties, and what they do with the trillions in wealth predicted to transfer to their hands in the next half century.

In association with Geneva Global and hosted by the Legatum Institute, the Alliance Breakfast Club will focus on some issues arising from the December 2013 special feature of Alliance magazine on ‘Next gen donors’.


  • Amy Clarke, Head of Advisory, CAF Philanthropy Services
  • Fran Perrin, Founder and Director, Indigo Trust
  • James Hurrell, European Director, Nexus Network

Questions to be addressed

  • Are next gen donors really more focused on impact than the previous generation? How important is being able to measure impact?
  • Do they see social enterprises as a better vehicle for change than NGOs?
  • How interested are they in impact investing?
  • Do they want to be more hands on, giving time and expertise as well as money, and more engaged with the organizations they support?
  • How influenced are they by their families? And by their peers?




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