Alliance magazine will be blogging from the 24th EFC conference


Alliance magazine


As we approach the annual EFC conference next month, Alliance is again planning to put together a team of bloggers to report from the event. We hope to be able to share the topics and themes from the conference with those who are unable to attend — and hear comments from those who are.

We would love to hear which sessions at the conference our readers would be most interested in reading about. Please cast your vote below for which session you would like to see covered. One of our team will attend the session with the most votes and a full report will be published here on the Latest from Alliance blog. The full programme includes many interesting sessions in addition to those listed below — let us know if there are any others of particular interest.

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I admire the aspirations and efforts of Alliance and all it stands for. As an individual who has been involved in a volunteer capacity on various programs to create world peace, bring enlightened education around the world, and so forth, the overall impression of your activities is solely to integrate and involve yourselves with institutionalised, governmental, politically correct and top-heavy players in fundraising and grantmaking. There is a noticeable absence of interest or understanding of individual endeavours (like myself) who are engaged in valuable programs and require funding for long term programs.

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