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Today Next Philanthropy holds its very first UK event, in partnership with Alliance magazine. 

Next Philanthropy was initiated by Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen (Europe’s largest membership organisation of foundations), in partnership with global philanthropy sector peers, to address the challenge of keeping up with the increasingly globally connected philanthropic landscape.

For philanthropy, the winds of change are blowing. Some are taking note of the weather and embarking on reform and modernisation in response to concerns about a lack of internal diversity, opaque investments, and undue influence. Others are looking to the future to see whether the next generation of wealth holders take philanthropy in new and potentially more progressive directions.

Tickets to this event are sold out, but you can tune in and watch live on the Alliance Facebook page

The panel:

  • Felix Oldenburg, CEO, Association of German Foundations (BDS)
  • Kurt Peleman, European Representative, AVPN
  • Kristina Johansson, Managing Director, Solberga Foundation
  • Nadya Hernandez, Programme Manager, WINGS
  • Charles Keidan, Editor, Alliance (Chair)


  • What does our sector need to do in the next decade to win public support for its work?
  • How are business and financing models of philanthropy changing?
  • Does philanthropy need to democratise or decolonise? What does best practice look like?
  • What can philanthropy learn from horizontal models and traditions beyond the west?
  • Are the next generation more liberal?

Just visit to watch from 15:30 GMT! 

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