Alliance offers free electronic subscriptions to those working for good in many countries around the world


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Map highlighting countries eligible for fre electronic subscriptions

Free electronic subscriptions available in many countries around the world

Alliance magazine’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among people working for social change in order to maximize the impact of funding for social development. That is why we are now offering FREE electronic subscriptions to those who are involved with philanthropy and social investment in over 140 countries around the globe.


These free electronic subscriptions are available to anyone in a country which is not designated as high-income by the World Bank. Our new interactive map highlights which countries are eligible – vFoundation Centerisit for full details. Alliance would like to thank the Foundation Center for their support to develop this map.

We would also like to thank all our subscribers for helping to make this offer possible – the support of those in high-income countries is key to the charity’s ability to make a truly global impact. To date, Alliance has provided free electronic subscriptions to 2,500 individuals in India and South America. We now aim to widen this to offer those in over 140 countries around the world unlimited electronic access to Alliance magazine articles.

If you aren’t in one of the countries highlighted on the map, you can still gain access to the full archive of Alliance magazine articles and receive electronic versions of forthcoming issues. We are offering a limited time special offer of 20% off electronic subscriptions.

Visit for more information about Alliance magazine, our subscriptions and the free electronic subscriptions offer.

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