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Alliance ExtraThose who have received a print copy of the March 2013 issue of Alliance magazine may have noticed the announcement that Alliance is updating a key part of our subscriptions.

In the intervening months between each issue of Alliance magazine, we publish a collection of news, analysis and resources from around the world exclusively for our subscribers. This electronic publication is available to those with subscriber access on our website. We see this as a core part of our subscriptions that aims to ensure that those involved with philanthropy and social investment can access the most important global updates in one quick, easy location.

A subscription to Alliance is more than just the magazine and to emphasize this we are rebranding this key part of our subscriptions as Alliance Extra.

To tie this in with the recent makeover of the emails sent by Alliance, subscribers will notice that Alliance Extra is now sent to them in the same way that we send notifications about new issues of the magazine. At the start of each month that Alliance Extra is published, we will send subscribers an email summarizing the contents of the latest issue and highlighting a number of articles that may be of particular interest.

If you are interested in receiving regular global updates highlighting the most recent news, analysis and resources from around the world, do you have a subscription to Alliance? All subscriptions include four issues of Alliance magazine and eight issues of Alliance Extra each year. Subscribers also receive unlimited access to the full Alliance archive on our website.

Discover more about the subscription options available >

Subscribe now to receive the April 2013 issue of Alliance Extra, plus the March 2013 issue of the magazine with a special feature on philanthropy in emerging market countires. If you have any questions about Alliance magazine, please contact

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