Alwaleed Philanthropies announces beneficiaries of housing and car grants programme


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Saudi funder Alwaleed Philanthropies has announced the beneficiaries of its ‘Housing and Car Grants’ programme, which aims to provide housing and transportation to low-income Saudi citizens.

The ‘Housing and Cars Grants’ programme has been running since 2015, and to date has reached almost 30,000 individuals, improving living standards of Saudi citizens by providing housing and cars to those who would otherwise struggle to meet rent and transportation costs. This is the 13th announcement of beneficiaries of the programme over the course of the decade it has been running.

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Abdulaziz Al Saud, who chairs Alwaleed Philanthropies, said that Alwaleed Philanthropies continues to support the most vulnerable communities despite the current pandemic by providing vital resources and mitigating the negative economic impact for individuals, small businesses and communities. Additionally, he shared that empowering women and youth has remained a priority, with the recognition of the effective and influential role they play in building back stronger and healthier communities.

For four decades, Alwaleed Philanthropies has supported and spent more than $4 billion on social welfare and initiated more than 1,000 projects across the world. It is managed by 10 Saudi female members and collaborates with a range of philanthropic, governmental, and educational organisations to combat poverty, empower women and youth, develop communities, provide disaster relief, and create cultural understanding through education.

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