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This month, What’s new from Alliance? gets a makeover. We want to make sure that busy people who are interested in philanthropy and social investment can see a quick summary of all our most recent articles in one place.

What’s new from Alliance? will feature the most recent and relevant content from Alliance’s three main outlets: the Alliance website at, Alliance magazine and this blog, Latest from Alliance.

The Alliance website publishes regular interviews with key figures in the field. Recently, these have included an interview with Firoz Ladak about how the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations are moving towards a more strategic and impact-driven approach; with Annie Lennox about what led her to philanthropy; and thoughts from Mitch Winehouse on his experience of setting up the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The Alliance website also has a range of articles which are free for all to read, such as a piece from onValues Ltd on the European landscape of mission investing.  Each eNewsletter will link you straight to the latest content from the website, making it the easiest way to stay up-to-date.

Alliance magazine contains a new special feature each quarter, focusing on a different issue that is central to philanthropy and social investment around the globe. If you want to stay in touch with the latest trends and topics, keep an eye on our upcoming special features. We’ll highlight a selection of articles from each issue in What’s new from Alliance? to give you a flavour of what each special feature covers.

With the Latest from Alliance daily blog, we aim to offer posts from a broad range of contributors from around the world on any topic related to philanthropy and social investment. Whether you are actively involved with a foundation; an individual philanthropist; an impact investor or a philanthropy adviser; work in international development; or simply have an interest in this fascinating and far-reaching sector, we hope this blog will have something for you. What’s new from Alliance? will feature a few of the most recent posts so you don’t miss out on anything that might be of interest.

What’s new from Alliance? is the best way to read all our latest high quality content on philanthropy and social investment. With links to useful and thought-provoking articles delivered straight to your inbox twice a month, anyone with an interest in this area should sign up to this free eNewsletter. And if you already subscribe, don’t worry, you will automatically be sent all this information and more in the regular email updates we send to our subscribers.

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