Ariadne publish 2021 forecast for European social change and human rights funders


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Ariadne Network have published the 2021 Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders. This year the report looks at the challenges and opportunities this year might bring for grantees; how funder practice could change; which political events are likely to affect their work; what will become more important in the months ahead; and what to feel hopeful about.

The Ariadne Forecast is a community created resource that draws on Ariadne’s network. Ariadne participants and others were asked six questions about trends in their field for 2019, and the report includes chapters focusing on France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the UK – plus a broader global focus.

‘Sifting through the submissions for this year’s Forecast, it’s clear that there is a real appetite among European foundations for change. Very few people are hoping to go back to the way things were in 2019. They want, instead, to find the gems among the rubble: what positive changes have come out of the upheaval of 2020? What do we want to keep, and what do we want to do differently? People speak of some changes having been inevitable and only accelerated by the pandemic. There is no going back. So as philanthropy, let’s embrace change but try to make it positive change. Let’s help ensure that the future that is built is as inclusive, equitable, and green as possible. We may not be able control the future, but we hold the tools to influence it,’ wrote Ariadne Director Julie Broome in the Forecast’s introduction.

Perspectives were in collected surveys and interviews from members across Europe and online forecast meetings were held others to discuss and add to the findings. It is estimated that around 275 people contributed to the forecast.

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