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Keiran Goddard

Opinion Keiran Goddard 21 September 2022

Foundations and trade unions: a plea to philanthropy

Let’s start with a plain statement: the systems, orthodoxies and assumptions of neoliberal capitalism have failed. Arguably, this has been clear for decades to those who cared enough to look. But at this point, even …

Opinion Keiran Goddard 23 June 2021

Foundations and labour: can the knot be unpicked?

A couple of times every year, the philanthropy sector in the U.K. has the same argument with itself. A comforting ritual of self-flagellation. And it goes something like this: ‘The existence of [insert political event/culture …

Opinion 1 Keiran Goddard 26 June 2020

Foundations and trade unions: The time is right for greater collaboration

New research confirms that there is little formalised trade union presence within foundation governance structures, despite so many shared areas of interest. But as foundations begin to think more about advocacy, movement-building, and the future …

Letter Keiran Goddard 30 May 2017

Minimum spend debate should be rooted in evidence not emotion

In the last issue of Alliance Jake Hayman made a strident case in favour of a minimum payout percentage for UK foundations. There is much to admire about Jake’s wish to derive maximum social benefit …

Special feature Vikki Spruill, Sara Lyons, Paula Fabiani and Keiran Goddard 30 May 2017

Countering the demagogues

From the shock of Brexit in the UK to the surprise election of President Trump in the US and the ensuing massive global mobilization of women’s marches in early 2017, populist movements are achieving unexpected …

Conference reports Keiran Goddard 21 May 2015

Art as benefactor

( Session : the art of philanthropy: new paradigms for social change) Too often it seems that discussions about art funding begin from a somewhat flawed premise; namely that there is a fundamental opposition between …